Thanks for your patience as we translate our vision into form and birth this website. We're here to support and enrich the collective awakening of humanity by initiating deep alignment with the Sacred and stewarding life as ceremony.

  As a community of beings in service to unconditional love, we hold space for a heart-based transmission of truth to electrify our world with trust and freedom. Expanding our divinely human potential through conscious co-creation, we weave art, poetry, music, devotion, and celebration to foster the dawn of a new Earth - upon which grace, wisdom, and compassion reign.

Our work is inspired and informed by the mystical intelligence embedded within nature.

  The clarity and unity we seek is infinitely available and abundant; we must only remember how to attune to it. Our approach to this process is continually distilled and refined over years of study, exploration, and experimentation - resulting in a dynamic synthesis of tools, methods, and teachings offered to catalyze profound, revolutionary transformation. Integration is not the final step - it is every step. To engage sincerely in this work, one must become like nature: patiently surrendered to the changing seasons with the playful innocence of a child.

LUCIDITREE represents the pristine, lucid awareness that is gifted and catalyzed through ritual communion with the medicine of trees.

  Drawing from ancient healing practices found in varying forms around the world, we build a bridge back to our true nature and activate our inherent capacity to heal. Our focus is not limited to trees alone, but their selfless qualities of harmony, wisdom, and purity create foundational pillars. As the lungs of Mother Earth, trees serve as masterful reminders of the holiness of our breath. As her towering antennae, they are our spiritual allies - psychic conduits for illumination and ascension.

Our prayer is the liberation of all beings from the illusion of separation.

  We aspire to dissolve the dualistic paradigm of ailment/remedy and patient/healer, which perpetuates the cycle of searching outside one's self and reinforces a mentality of brokenness. The wound contains the medicine - and it is only by reclaiming our capacity to embrace the wound that we rediscover wholeness. In this way, we commit to a quantum rebirth of unity and balance, grounded in the perfect recognition of our essential, ecstatic nature.    

If you're moved to connect, please contact luciditree@gmail.com